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Hi, I’m Cheri! I am a 51 year old Mom of three and Grandma of three (so far)! I have been a personal trainer, fitness instructor & entrepreneur for 30 years! I have had the most amazing opportunities, traveling, filming fitness DVD’s, commercials, and TV interviews all over the Country! I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of women of all ages in just about every circumstance, from training teenagers, fitness competitors, to an American Ninja Warrior contestant! All unique experiences that helped prepare me for this, my third act, scene 1!!

I know first hand how hard it can be after 50 to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit! Our bodies go through so many changes almost overnight! At times it feels unbearable and out of control. This “change” affects ALL aspects of our lives from sleep, nutrition and working out! In fact, it’s VERY frustrating, at least that has been my experience. I know some women are lucky enough to glide right through without hot flashes, mood swings, or a fluffy tummy, however that is NOT me! If that is NOT YOU, I am here to help!

It’s time for us to fall in love with ourselves once and for all! Life’s too short to constantly pick ourselves apart and be angry with our bodies, wrinkles, sun spots, you name it! I’ll teach you how to embrace this “Third Act, Scene 1”, and together we will conquer that voice inside so that the outside voices no longer matter or hold us down!

Women United! Join me on this amazing journey!


Cheri Linden


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